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  • ShipLoc provides:

    Tracking of your ships 6 or 24 times per day displayed on a dedicated website with complete maritime maps.
    • Monitor the exact location of your vessels anywhere in the world at any time.
    • Display data such as speed, location, heading and time of the last ship position.
    • Visualize maritime weather data: wind, waves, air pressure...
    • Calculate the ETA of your vessel
    Immediate alerts. If the crew pushes the alert button, a notification is sent to the ship owner and to the competent authorities.
    • Discrete message, undetectable on-board or by surrounding ships.
    • CLS operators monitor incoming alerts 24/7 365 days a year.
    • Data are completely tamper-proof, secure and reliable. They cannot be falsified in any way.

    ShipLoc is operated by the company CLS, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency, known internationally as the operator of Argos worldwide location and data collection system. CLS is an international corporation employing 315 employees at company headquarters in France, near Toulouse, and more than 150 at its offices and subsidiaries around the world.



  • SSAS Equipment: In case of a SSAS alert, information is provided simultaneously to the ship owner, IMB International Maritime Bureau and the flag state authority.
  • Tracking services for ship owners: ShipLoc continuously monitors the exact location of vessels anywhere in the world
  • Officially Endorsed by the IMB: ShipLoc is the only Ship Security Alert System approved by the IMB.
  • Simple data access and installation: Easy on-board transmitter installation, quick and simple access to data.
  • Dedicated Website: Positions are plotted directly on maritime maps for easy viewing.
  • Secure and Reliable: Operated by CLS, a leading satellite service company. All operations and alerts are monitored by an experienced team of operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Alerts are managed by the IMB, the recognized anti-piracy organization.
  • Confidential: Position reports are only distributed to the ship owner and positions are completely tamper-proof.
  • Truly Global Coverage. Ships are located anywhere in the world at any time of day. 
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